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@jorenrui / November 08, 2022

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I know they matter but it became much more apparent when I shared Sutle Beta to the world. As I work on my full time job, I became so focused on myself and contented secluding myself, not making an effort to interact with others online, that in the process I became irrelevant to other people.

Early Days

Tho before it wasn't like that. I was at my lowest when I started using Twitter, posting my progress as I learn web development on freeCodeCamp. I met new friends and co-challengers of the 100DaysOfCode. I was just consistent in doing what I do, and really cared about others. It was a little hard at first cause I'm not used to talking to strangers, but as time goes on I became interested and now rooting for whatever they're doing. With that, I remember the saying that goes for people to be interested in you, you also have to be interested in them. Then what ended up was people DMing me, asking for my advice about things relating to code. A new experience for me especially that I see myself as just starting out in web development. Tho sadly, I stopped as I started my first job. I became inactive because I became too focused on work. Then each one of us went on our separate ways.

But looking back, the friends that I made that time were the reason why I'm kinda a little "famous", not sure what the term should be. We were each other's first likers and commenters that in turn drives others to engage. We were each other's supporters which is one of the reasons that helped me go through one of the toughest time in my life. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be about to get back at my feet and start over in my life again.

How Communities Helped Me

1. Engagement

Like what happened in my past experiences, being in a community helped in driving engagement. When I was starting out, they were my first likers and commenters of whatever I post that in turn helps in widening the reach and visibility of my posts. Communities are also the reason why Sutle 1st launch of Product Hunt was a success. They made Sutle to be featured on Product Hunt and take the 8th spot that day. Also, around that time, I was one of the early adopters of Stitches. I was eager to test new releases and it was my first time "participating" in an active open source project by creating issues and promoting it on Twitter. I also built the first version of Sutle with it. The team at Stitches were so supportive of me that they are the reason why Sutle receive lots of love.

2. Sense of Belonging

At first, I was just posting whatever I was building on social media. But as time went on, I also became excited to hear from the community. Also when I was lonely in life, they were the ones that helped me in building up my confidence and showed to me that's it's ok for me to make friends again. It was really nice having someone to talk to about similar interests. I guess humans really are social beings.

Closing Remarks

Communities are great but I wouldn't really recommend finding and engaging with people with the uterior motive of just getting likers. For me, I'm in the middle of being content with my current peace and being alone, and wanting to be part of a community again. I miss communities, but I'm currently finding joy in solitude and focusing on my private life.

Anyways, I'm kinda happy with how Sutle turned out. Tho, I guess if I were to think in "business", a great feature and look isn't enough, one also needs to place importance in marketing. Cause you can built an awesome product, but will fall flat if no one is there to see it. Despite of that, with or without audience, I am proud of my side project and am just glad that I built it especially that I'm mostly building Sutle for myself.