I'm Joeylene @jorenrui, a product engineer with 4 years of professional experience.

Rather than programming, I'm more passionate about building and shipping products to which I work on my side projects like Suikun UI, my own UI kit, and Sutle, a platform for organizing resources into a directed learning path, on my free time. Whether thinking up some user flows, sketching out some wireframes, writing docs or coding the app, I enjoy being involved into stuff that matters.

I believe learning just enough of each process is important and affects the way we build products especially that when ideas converge innovation happens. Focusing on the essentials, I design the most optimal path for a user to solve a problem, I build apps focused on priority features with a pragmatic approach.

Mostly, I like to use tech that gets the job done to which I like using boring technology. Specifically I favor Rails in my back-end, but I'm also fine using the most approriate tech for the job even if it means learning something new like VueJS or Elixir.

Even though I said I prefer certain techs, I am no stranger to learning. Skills can be taught, hence I don't mind the challenge as long as the idea interests me. My work experience is a testament to this. I applied to a NodeJS stack having little experience. I got a Rails job and built an MVP while only knowing the MVC concept (from Laravel) at the start. Trying my hand on a browser-native game that uses ThreeJS and 3D concepts to which I know nothing about.

Lastly, I view myself as a life-long learner than a programmer. I like learning about other things besides coding like Philosophy or learning how to play the piano. I make mistakes and enjoy doing the little stuff like reading manga/manhwa. Rather than a title, I prefer to just being me.

PS: Will add more about my development process here. Stay tuned 🔥