Senior Product Engineer / Tonic LabsJune 2022 - Present

Sandbox building & coding virtual world where the only limit is your imagination.

Emmet in the world of Novablocks.


After working on the no-code database for a long time, I decided to try out a new project. So I asked my employer if it's okay for me to work on another project. He agreed and asked if I was interested in a project that he and his friends are building.

The project was a sandbox game built with ThreeJS. It was similar with sandbox games like Minecraft, Roblox, and RecRoom. I agreed to work on it so I decided to learn ThreeJS and manage to build a simple Minecraft clone, called Minecrafui, for practice. It was a rough start at first since I was in a new codebase. Also, unlike in the previous project where I was mostly working on it independently, I now have teammates in this project.

They have a core game engine built but wanted to create more UI functionalities and make use of a back-end to customize the game. With this, I became a great addition to their team in building features that are critical for the first version of the game. I contributed a lot to it, like refactoring the codebase from Rails views + Hyperscript to ReactJS, changing texture packs, developing the world and blocks editor, adding a visual programming UI via Rete.js for block events, and more.

  • Research
  • Database Design
  • Development
  • Documentation

Notable Contribution

Helped build core features and get the first version out and raise investor funding.

Tech stack

  • Rails - Ruby MVC framework.
  • PostgreSQL - object-relational database system.
  • ReactJS - JavaScript library for building user-interfaces.
  • ThreeJS - a JavaScript 3D library.
  • TailwindCSS - utility-first CSS framework.